Why Natural? Just as a seed contains the full potential of the adult plant, so too we all have the capacity to be fully alive and well. The unfolding process of growth and flourishing is natural and has been referred to by many names: Dhamma, the Tao, Yaya, and Gai to name a few. While obstacles can get in the way of this unfolding, nature has a healing power that we can tap into.

Why Transformation? Human transformation is an internal shift that brings us into alignment with our highest potential. It is at the heart of every major aspect of our lives. It affects how we see and relate to the world, and how we understand our place in it. When we are separate from the whole, we suffer and spread suffering to others. Through re-connecting with our true nature, we transform this suffering, spreading peace and love to the world.

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“The refusal to be complicit can be a kind of resistance to dominant paradigms, but it’s also an opportunity to be creative and joyful and say, I can’t topple Monsanto, but I can plant an organic garden: I can’t counter fill-in-the-blank of environmental destruction, but I can create native landscaping that helps pollinators in the face of neonicotinoid pesticides So much of what we think about in environmentalism is finger-wagging and gloom-and-doom, but when you look at a lot of those examples where people are taking things into their hands, they’re joyful.”

—Robin Wall Kimmerer, New York Times interview, January 30, 2023