Dana: Generosity Freely Given

Dana is the living expression of interdependence in community. It is an opportunity to consciously participate in the interconnection that supports all of life. It is a shift away from the typical transactional nature of our economy into the generous heart that is bright and beautiful.

"It is simply that life is a gift, that the world is a gift, that the cosmos operates on the principles of gift. Please bathe in your intuitive resonance with this truth. Beneath the cynicism we know: it is all a gift. Gratitude is our native state. Generosity is its maturation. In a gift economy, the more you give the richer you are.” - Charles Eisenstein

"When giving this gift, my heart will be glad, and happiness and joy will arise in me... one gives because it ennobles and adorns the mind.” -The Buddha (AN 8:33)

                                Rejoicing  in your giving!